The most beautiful women on earth send a message to world leaders about ocean pollution




WHAT DOES OUR CROWN STAND FOR? - Our crown (design yet to be commissioned) is a symbol of achievement for the woman who has demonstrated to the world that she has the qualities that make her the "Queen of the Oceans" for a year: 'Miss Ocean.' At the actual moment that the crown is placed on the head of the highest scoring contestant, she takes on that mantle for a term of 12 months. Click on the superb peal and diamond tiara above to learn more about some of the most famous (and expensive) crowns in the world.




HELP SAVE OUR OCEANS - The sun sprays light beams across the ocean in a dazzling display, like the jewels of a crown on the head of our Miss Ocean. The sea is just like a crown, a beautiful resource that we need to cherish and protect. This is a picture taken from the Cuckmere Valley near Seaford in glorious Sussex one crisp December morning in 2014. 





Beauty Pageant



Key People



Miss Universe

 New York City

Paula Shugart

Donald Trump

 1952  Miss Universe, flag of the United States of Amerca

Confidently Beautiful

Miss World


Julia Morley

Eric Morley

 1951  Miss World flag of the United Kingdom

Beauty with a Purpose

Miss Earth


Ramon Monzon

Lorraine Schuck

 2001  Miss Earth, flag of the Philippines

Beauties for a Cause

Miss International


Hirofumi Hashimoto

Hirofumi Hashimoto

 1960  Miss International, flag of Japan

Love, Peace and Beauty

Miss Ocean Vietnam

 Ho Chi Minh City




Love our oceans

Miss Ocean Int 2010

 Zhoushan Island




Love your ocean

INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL EXCHANGE - The Miss Ocean 2016 event also promotes "friendship and good cultural relations with all nations," as being appropriate for the global society of the 21st century and a mutual understanding of the potential problems for planet earth - in a more general quest for a sustainable world, at peace with one another's circular economies. This is the aim of most advanced nations today - yet to be attained.



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