Maxim is an international men's magazine targeted at heterosexual adult males and based in the United Kingdom, and known for its pictorials featuring popular actresses, singers, and female models often pictured scantily dressed but not fully nude, sometimes clothed.
Between 2010 and 2012 Maxim eliminated two issues, going from 12 issues a year to just ten, and decreased its circulation numbers by 20 percent, from a reported 2.5 million to only 2 million.

Due to its success in its primary markets, Maxim has expanded into many other countries, including Argentina, Canada , India, Indonesia, Israel, Belgium, Romania, the Czech Republic, France (marketed under "Maximal"), Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil, Chile, Greece, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia (where it stands now as the most popular men's magazine), Serbia, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine and Portugal. A wireless version of the magazine was launched in 2005 across cellular carriers in twenty European and Asian countries.

In 1999, was created. It contains content not included in the print version and focuses on the same general topics, along with exclusive sections such as the "Girls of Maxim" galleries and the "Joke of the Day". "Maxim Video" contains video clips of interviews, music videos, photo shoots, and original content. The success of this website inspired Dennis Digital to create sites for its sister publications, such as Blender.

On February 5, 2005, Maxim Radio, featuring male-oriented talk programming, debuted on Sirius Satellite Radio. Following the Sirius-XM merger in late 2008, the Maxim brand was dropped, and the channel is now known as Sirius XM Stars Too.

On June 5, 2006, the magazine announced plans to build a casino on the Las Vegas Strip north of Circus Circus, but the casino plan failed after local condominium owners complained that the proposed casino would ruin their view. The land was sold to MGM Mirage.

On June 15, 2007, private equity firm Quadrangle Group, along with long-time media executive Kent Brownridge, announced the acquisition of the parent company of Maxim, Blender, Stuff and As of April 23, 2009 Dennis Publishing has announced that it will no longer continue producing a print edition of Maxim in the UK, though the website for the UK version will remain.

Maxim in the United States is now published by Alpha Media Group.

In July 2009, Maxim partnered up with the UFC for the first-ever Maxim UFC Octagon Girl Search at the UFC Fan Expo. There were 40 girls participating in the contest, and the winner was Natasha Wicks.

Quadrangle Group gave up on its investment in Alpha Media Group in August 2009, making Cerberus Capital Management the majority partner.

High profile events and controversies

Maxim has been criticized for encouraging excessive alcohol consumption and sexual objectification of women. In 2004, Maxim was protested by the gender issues department of Thunder Bay, Ontario's Lakehead University during an on-campus "Maxim Coors Light Girl Search". In 2002, the popular German football club FC St. Pauli removed Maxim magazine advertisements from the team's stadium in response to fan protests over the depictions of women in the ads.

Maxim also extends their circulation by sending magazines to men that have requested to be removed from the subscription multiple times. In June 2007, Israeli diplomat David Saranga invited Maxim to the country. In what came to be known as "beers and babes", the magazine did photo shoots of near-naked Israeli women who serve in the army. The campaign drew an angry reaction from lawmaker Colette Avital, a former diplomat who served as Israel's consul-general in New York City in the 1990s. Prof. John H. Brown of Georgetown University described the spread as the first event in a new branch of public diplomacy.

In February 2008, Maxim was criticized by the rock band The Black Crowes for a review of their upcoming CD, Warpaint, with the band claiming that the magazine reviewed the album without hearing it. According to Black Crowes manager Pete Angelus, the magazine stated in an email that "Of course, we always prefer to [sic] hearing music, but sometimes there are big albums that we don’t want to ignore that aren’t available to hear, which is what happened with the Crowes. It’s either an educated guess preview or no coverage at all, so in this case we chose the former." The magazine's editorial director James Kaminsky later apologized, stating "It is Maxim's editorial policy to assign star ratings only to those albums that have been heard in their entirety. Unfortunately, that policy was not followed in the March 2008 issue of our magazine and we apologize to our readers." Facing more criticism over rating albums without listening to them, Maxim magazine maintains it was previewing CDs in its March 2008 issue, not reviewing them, and the mistake was to include star ratings.

Celebrity profiles

Main article: List of people on the cover of Maxim magazine (US)
Many celebrities (singers, actresses, models, etc.) have posed for Maxim over the years. Examples include:


Alice Eve (April 2010)
Kaley Cuoco (March 2010)
Amanda Bynes (February 2010)
Amy Weber (January 2010)
Rebecca Romijn (June 1998, July 2000, November 2002)
Eliza Dushku (May 2001, March 2009)
Shawnee Smith (June 2001)
Laura Prepon (January 2001, November 2004)
Helena Bonham Carter (September 2001)
Brittany Murphy (July 2001, May 2005)
Lucy Liu (September 2002, July 2003)
Jennifer Love Hewitt (November 1999, March 2005, May 2009, April 2012)
Shannon Elizabeth (January 2000, December 2003, June 2008)
Jessica Alba (October 2000, November 2003)
Kristen Bell (March 2006)
Sophia Bush (November 2006)
Mary Elizabeth Winstead (March 2007)
Louise Cliffe (June 2007)
Danneel Harris (2008,2009)
Milla Jovovich (September 2004, September 2009)
Cobie Smulders (December 2010)


Avril Lavigne (March 2008, November 2010)
Britney Spears (January 2010 and 2011)
Christina Aguilera (January 2003 and March 2007)
Hilary Duff (August 2007, January 2009)
Michelle Branch (January 2004)
Next Attractions [edit]
Lady Gaga (2009)
Marion Raven (2009)
Fergie (2009)
Amber Heard

International edition

Maxim has launched international editions of its magazines since 1995. Most recently it has launched its 26th and 27th international editions in Serbia and Greece where it is published by Attica Media. Notably, the magazine has been circulating editions in South Korea, India, Japan, the United States, France, Russia, Turkey, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Canada, Poland, Brazil, the Philippines , Germany and Argentina.

Maxim Hot 100

Each year since 2000 Maxim Magazine releases the Maxim Hot 100. The winners and their corresponding ages and the year in which the magazine was released are listed below, with an example review of the top 100 for 2012, causing much controversy by including Amanda Knox - deservedly in our opinion.



Year Choice Age Notes
2000  Estella Warren   21
2001  Jessica Alba   20 Youngest winner.
2002  Jennifer Garner   30 First time anyone has debuted on the list at number one.
2003  Christina Aguilera   22
2004  Jessica Simpson   24
2005  Eva Longoria   30
2006  Eva Longoria   31 First and only woman to win twice (in a row). / Oldest winner.
2007  Lindsay Lohan   21
2008  Marisa Miller   30
2009  Olivia Wilde   25
2010  Katy Perry   26
2011  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley   24
2012  Bar Refaeli   26
2013  Miley Cyrus   20




Foxy Knoxy has been released from prison for good reason and cleared from all charges for the murder of Meredith Kercher. The whole ordeal is one that strikes us as a very good reason to recognise the young lady's celebrity status. The fact that today's society acknowledges true grit such as Amanda's is to be applauded. That is not to say that our thoughts are not with Meredith Kercher's family, they are. Their loss is a terrible thing, but the anger focusing on  that event should be properly directed.


Amanda Knox is entitled to recover whatever she can from her time in captivity, but whaterver book or film deal she may strike, that can never repay the time that was taken away from her.





Foxy Knoxy's murder rap was overturned after she spent four years in a hardcore Italian prison, but she still looks the business.





GUILTY: Anyone seeing these pictures would think Amanda was guilty.

INNOCENT: Anyone seeing these pictures would think Amanda was innocent.

INNOCENT: Anyone seeing these pictures would think Amanda was concerned as to events.

FOXY: Anyone seeing these pictures might think Amanda was enjoying the trial

INJUSTICE: Anyone seeing these photos might agree that Amanda was unprepared for what happened


She was only a teenager when tried and convicted. She has learned the hard way that life is not fair, but she has rallied and pulled through. Let us hope the trial to come does not dampen her spirit. Stay strong Amanda.





Foxy Knoxy  - Youtube



Diane Sawyer - Youtube






Daily Mail Amanda Knox retrial







TRUE LIFE: It can happen to any man in England and until these issues are addressed no man in Britain is safe. Corruption within the British judicial system leads to many wrongful convictions. How this works is revealed in this book, which refers to official documents and prison diaries in the telling. Some names have been changed because under the present system those making false allegations are protected by the state and rarely prosecuted, even when discovered - which is another mechanism perpetuating injustice, and that needs to be reviewed urgently to stop wrecking lives.



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