Kismet girls love to party in tents, weddings, birthdays and corporate events.






Our stunning tents are available for events catering for between 20 and 250 guests.  


They are suitable for any event where the host wants to create 'something spectacular.'


Tents are incredibly practical structures to entertain your guests.  They are crafted from breathable waterproof cotton canvas, keeping them cool during hot Indian summers and warm on cold English nights. 


Several structures can be combined to create  generous interior spaces, or separate areas for dining, dancing and chilling out. 



Marquee hire Yarlington



Recently added to the collection are some miniature versions of our tents, measuring 15ft x 15ft.  These tents come in a variety of interiors available in the larger size of 30ft x 30ft and can be used for smaller parties of between 20 - 40 people or attached to the edges of the larger tents to create additional space for bars , buffet areas or dance floors or as miniature 'chill out booths'. 


These tents are also available for hire as luxury accommodation for private or Corporate events  from 'Boho Bivouacs' and come furnished with a comfortable double bed, wardrobe, sofa, table and our characteristic finishing touches.



Alice in Wonderland tent bedroom hire



We are passionate about your surroundings so have created each tent interior with it's own matching sofas, stools and cushions that coordinate with the lining...

...the furnishings in the Moulin Rouge tent are made of the same red velvet and gold trimmings as the walls. 


 The sofas in the Tea Tent are in fact 'pink wafers'... the stools are giant cup cakes and the cushions are gargantuan 'Nice' biscuits!




"The feedback and letters we have received are a testament to all the hard work and loving attention to detail you lavished on the tent and arrangements and both myself and my family are very grateful for your efforts..."




Cornish Cream tent hire interior marquee



In addition we have a selection of equipment available to hire. These include;

  • Covered dining chairs

  • Indian sofas

  • Low coffee tables

  • Coloured coir carpeting

  • Lighting

  • Polished hardwood dance floor

  • Complete hard flooring

  • Heaters

  • Miniature chill out tents

  • Catering areas

  • Luxury washrooms

  • Linen hire



Indian dining tent interior marquee hire



NEW FOR 2013


Last year we added a 'Very English Tea Tent' inspired by Alice in Wonderland, as well as a Peacock feather tent to our range of interiors.


This year we are creating a 'Bombay Boudoir' interior inspired by Bollywood.


We are constantly developing our interiors and furnishings to ensure they are the most distinctive available anywhere in the UK and this has led to a development from our original Arabian influence.







We have several interior options available to suit you and your occasion. These include;

1) Navy and Cream hand-block printed lining with elegant understated motifs and delicate detailing in pale shades - creating a magical space for your wedding.



Block printed tent interior marquee hire




2) Arabian lining in a traditional Rajasthani design incorporating detailed hand embroidery and mirror work - perfect for themed occasions or events requiring a good splash of colour.



Arabian furnishings in Rajasthani interior marquee hire



3) Moulin Rouge lining, inspired by  the sumptuous burlesque interior of the famous French dancehall with a plush red velvet ceiling, gold tasseled swag and block printed wall panels.  Include a casino for the James Bond experience, setting the scene for a sophisticated evening with friends.



James Bond tent interior marquee hire



4) Moroccan tent with a rich red and gold embroidered interior, and a striking black and white exterior.



Moroccan tent hire, interior marquee


5) Peacock interior on a cool turquoise background with a bold feather design on the walls and a 1950's inspired peacock pattern at the bottom, topped off with a velvet swag and pink tasseled ceiling.



Peacock tent interior marquee hire



6) 'Very English Tea Tent' inspired by Lewis Carol's epic journey down the rabbit hole in the 'Adventures of Alice in Wonderland' and our love of cream teas.  


Six pastel-coloured appliquéd wall panels artistically depict white rabbits, roses, teapots and cake stands.


 Perfect for keeping cool during long, hot summer afternoons enjoying high tea on the lawn interposed by a spot of postprandial croquet.



Alice in Wonderland tea table marquue hire




People described the Bombay Boudoir  tent in many ways , amongst them..

"a giant ruby gemstone so beautifully decorated that it transported us thousands of miles away from Roehampton"














Accommodation guide:


Dimensions Number of Guests Accommodated
in Feet in Metres   Standing Reception Seated Dining Dining, dancing
& low level Seating combined
10 x 10 3 x 3   - - -
15 x 15 4.5 x 4.5   20 15 -
20 x 20 6 x 6   35 30 -
15 x 30 4.5 x 9   40 30 -
20 x 30 6 x 9   60 40 30
30 x 30 9 x 9   100 90 50
30 x 60 9 x 18   200 180 100
30 x 90 9 x 27   300 270 150 (L or T shape possible)
30 x 120
60 x 60
9 x 36
18 x 18
  400 360 200 (T or X shape possible)
30 x 150 9 x 45   500 450 250 (X, L or T shape recommended)
Seating is based on 8 guests sitting around a 5ft round or 6ft long table with table service and does not allow for any buffet tables, bars, cake tables etc.



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Arabian Tents flower motif