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The planet is up Schitt's Creek without a paddle, but unlike the situation comedy, it is no joke. We have global warming and corruption in local government and at high levels, with irresponsible and incompetent politicians and corporations milking the electorate, knowing that what they are doing is killing thousands of species, creating deserts and poisoning the oceans, in the anthropocene age where man is dumping on his doorstep.




Pink boat Oxford Circus London protests Extinction Rebellion April 2019  SkolStrejk for Klimatet Greta Thunberg conservation activist


LONDON PROTESTS - Extinction Rebellion climate change protestors in Bristol and London make their mark for 3 days in April 2019. The British Government refuses to meet for talks, instead police use draconian terrorist laws to thwart peaceful protests. In 2021, protestors up the ante with sit ins on the M25.


SKOLSTREJK - Greta Thunberg was a girl of action, gone to ground, but we hope will make a come back at COP 26. She is an activist who believes in action and she speaks her mind about climate change - thank heavens - for the rest of us who are led like sheep by politicians who have lost the plot. Greta is like a guiding light and a beacon of hope for planet earth and all life on our precious blue planet. You can read her UN COP24 speech here.





    Emma Thmpson joins the march against climate change in September 2014



The actor Emma Thompson (Nanny McPhee) speaks out: “Every single person on this Earth has the power to change the world. And when we all come together, our power becomes irresistible. Now we must use our power to tackle the biggest threat humanity has ever faced.” She is reported to have told the Guardian: “Unless we’re carbon-free by 2030 the world is buggered.” Well said Emma, and we could not agree more, and love Nanny McPhee.



We need a real life Katniss Everdeen in politics today.



In the UK and around the world we are suffering power and fuel shortages in a world where there is enough wind and solar energy to give us sustainable electricity many times over, for our homes and transport. But politicians will not budge, so ingrained are they with coal and oil. They are comfortable warming the world.







It is the fault of the voters. They don't want change either. They want to talk about it and feel good that something may happen in the future, but in reality they are comfortable with leaders who lie to them, so long as it does not rock their little investment bubble - and never mind the rocky road ahead. As this element of the electorate effectively control who gets in, other parties lacking any kind of strong candidates, give the Conservatives free reign - not to do anything new - but just talk about it. Meet the new Tory voters, just like old Tory voters. They like being duped. They thrive on gaslighting!




Bullshit Bozo, the Pied Piper of Old London Town



But with inflation running rampant again, pensioner's savings will soon be worth less than half. It’s amazing to think that someone like Johnson, easily the most chaotic figure ever to have occupied No 10, appears unassailable, despite his immoral bedroom behavior. Johnson by name, Johnson by nature. No secretary is safe. Allegedly!


And yet this is where politics is in the 2020s. The old are mostly spared direct assaults on their living standards, while those of working age bear the costs and run the risks. Unless Labour and other parties take off their blinkers about the “red wall” and see what is really powering stubborn Tory support, the longer the political dominance of Johnson and his successors will last. Meaning that planet earth is doomed.




Brigitte Goudz  Oksana Grishina  Gladys Portugues  Andrea Shaw



Brigitte Goudz - Oksana Grishina - Gladys Portugues - Andrea Shaw



Brooke Holladay  Heidi Vourela  Denise Masino



Brooke Holladay - Heidi Vourela - Denise Masino



ACTION GIRLS - More than ever, today, success in our modern world depends on looking the part. But what is looking the part? Being strong does not necessarily mean being physically powerful, it includes determination to build on your achievements and using your acquired knowledge and skills to make a difference. Feeling fitter and stronger gives you more confidence to face the world. Get out there and intimidate the men who are idea impotent. Let's do something for our children - for it is they who will suffer the consequences of inaction.






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